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Language Clinique
TLC-Cup Tournament
chaired by the Dean of the Diplomatic corps
Pan African Soccer Academy
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Like any other laudable project, TLC-Cup Tournament was initially fraught with challenges. The first was the pessimism of skeptics, who questioned the propriety of this event and whose misrepresentation of the tournament only heightened the curiosity of many a person. The next challenge involved inducing people to capture the aim in organizing this unprecedented event which, to many critics, was for self-aggrandizement. Fortunately, Mr. Aguissi was not alone in this mission.

TLC-Cup Tournament was organized under the auspices of The Language Clinique, of which Mr. Aguissi is the CEO; Aglovison Limited and Spicy Chouchou Restaurant with the support of Zenith Bank Ghana Limited, Alisa Hotel and Air Liquide.


Team Highlights

Pan-African Soccer Academy formerly known as TLC Pan-African Football Academy was born in June 2011.